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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Make Believe Characters


The grade 1s and Ms. Ciaccia's class are creating make believe characters. They first created a rought draft and then finalized their characters.  Some had better rough drafts so we decided to make them out "final" ones.  Here are the steps we followed:

1.) Mr. Shih read "How Are You Peeling"(click here for a video from Youtube) to study how to show feelings with facial features. (Thanks for Ms. Yee for the book idea!)
2.) He handed us blank templates for our characters and backgrounds. 
3.) We created our characters and then our backgrounds.  We then cut out our characters and then stuck them on our backgrounds.
4.) Soon, we will be using Aurasma app on the iPads to record ourselves talking about our characters!

Stay tuned!

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