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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Step 3: Embedding Videos and Other Links on Blogger

This is a short tutorial on how to embed videos and other links on blogger.

Other than videos, you can also embed presentations, calendars and other useful things on Blogger. You just have to look for the EMBED code.  Here is a screencast of the tutorial:

Here are the steps:

(assuming you already know what you want to embed and you know how to create a new post)
1. Create a New Post
2. Copy Embed Code / Language
    On Youtube, remove “ Show Suggested Videos When Video Finishes Playing”
3. Switch from Compose to HTML
4. Paste Embed Code / Language
5. Check if you are successful by going to your new post on View Blog

**Watch out! 
When you go back to creating a new post, switch back to COMPOSE. Otherwise you might be confused of why nothing is showing on your post.


1. On a post, click LINK on your toolbar.

2. On the window that pops out, you can put a WEB ADDRESS that you want to link to.  You can also put what you want the clickable link to show (TEXT TO DISPLAY) instead of the website address.  I also recommend clicking / checking OPEN THIS LINK ON A NEW WINDOW so that your main window with your blog will always be open.  Click OK. 

Here is what it should look like (you can click on the link below to see how it will show):


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