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Friday, December 20, 2013

Public Service Announcement Posters

We just finished our unit on Public Service Announcements!

The grade 2s had a wonderful time making their posters with Pic Collage, a FREE iPad app.

Before they got to take their pictures and put them on the iPads, they had to fill out this template first:

It was the first time the Grade 2s used cloud storage.  For this one, we used  

(I use it because it starts with 15GB free!  Click the link for your first 15 gb. You'll receive an extra 5 and I will as well! :)

After writing the plans, the Grade 2s went to their iPads and:

1.) took pictures for their posters
2.) uploaded their images to Pic Collage
3.) matched their slogans with their posters.

The pictures were eventually used for our school's Kindness and Caring Assembly.  If you want to know more about the detailed steps we went through, click here.

Here are some samples:

(Students' faces cannot be shown for security purposes.)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fun with Comic Life!

The Grade 3s had much fun making comics with Comic Life!

I think I had as much fun as they had, maybe even more! In fact, I made the success criteria on Comic Life:

Here are the expectations on Comic Life too! 

For this adventure, we viewed and talked about a video about Personal Safety and then wrote down our thoughts using this template:

Safety Comics Plan

We then got on our iPads and took pictures of ourselves acting out the scenes we had in our plan.

We had to upload these pictures to so that everybody in our class can use them for their comics.  After uploading, we then went on our aging PCs to access the pictures and put them on Comic Life.

Some of us had challenges because our PCs would sometimes hang on us.  Despite this, we still were able to make marvelous comic strips.  Here are a few: