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Friday, January 31, 2014

Personal Safety Posters Using Pic Collage

So, how did we actually do the posters?  Here is an (almost) step by step procedure:

App Exploration:
The teacher asked students to introduce themselves using Comic Life.  This is for the students to explore the app.

Before the actual creation of the comic, videos were viewed on Bike, Bus and Pedestrian Safety. Students then brainstormed on the different ways on how to be safe.  

An exemplar and success criteria is formulated with the class during this time. 

Students wrote (typed) on a Word document pushed through (free cloud storage service) to write their draft.

Teacher and peers sat down to revise the draft.  

Photoshoot and Creation of comic:
Based on their documents, students were given time to take pictures on the iPads.  Photos were uploaded using a cloud service.  When pictures were available online, students then created their comic on Comic Life.

Students reread, rechecked their work for sense, spelling, punctuation and capital letters by pairing with a partner.


Students forwarded their work to the teacher by directly printing them.  These were exhibited in the classroom.

Have fun in your adventure!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Media Are Constructions

The Grade 2s also viewed how Media can be made to what the creator wants it to show.  We saw this video:

 We then talked about the parts of a cereal box and how it is made for a target audience. We tried designing our own box with this website:

Positive Ways to Handle Conflict

We saw how cartoons can be violent and talked about how we can handle conflict better.  Here are a few ways your classes said about handling problems non violently:


(Conflict is when two or more people disagree on something and are not getting along.)

Walk Away  - walk away from the person who you are about to start a fight with

Get Help - Ask an adult for help with how to solve your disagreement

Take Turns - someone has a turn to do something first and then the other gets a chance

Share - you can do the playing together; if you have something give it to the other person first

Apologizing - say sorry and you can also say "I did not mean to do it."

Talk About It - Settle down, calm down and then talk about your conflict

Distract or Postponing - try to make the person think of something else or do something else

Use Chance - use a coin, do rock, paper, scissors or sticks that way everybody gets the same possible chance of getting their turn


Now that we know how to handle conflicts and disagreements better, let's make a simple animated video using POWTOONS.  Go to:

You may join by using the group code given to your class by Mr. Shih.

If you have logged in and part of the class, you can regularly log in at:


What is Media Anyway?

The Grade 1s just started their unit on "What Is Media".  We have viewed two videos on Media Literacy 101. Here is the first one:

What is Media Anyway?

No Violence on TV!

Grade 1

The Grade1s in Ms. B and Ms. Yee's class have been talking about how cartoons can be violent.  Surprisingly, we found a total of 50 counts of physical and verbal violence in a 10 minute cartoon of Jimmy Two Shoes!  Wow!  We talked about how some cartoons made for young kids are actually not good to watch because they make violence appear to be funny.

Very soon, we will be make posters having "No Violence on TV!" for a theme.  Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eating Under the Rainbow

Hello Ms. Ciaccia's class!  We learned about eating right and having exercise for our health.

We also watched the Berenstain Bears in "Too Much Junkfood".  The link can be found here:

I would like to know your favourite foods.  Go on a store flyer, copy and paste 2 of your favourite foods in the Canada Food Guide.   Remember to put them where they belong.

Here is the store flyer: Online Flyer

Use this to classify your foods:

Canada's Food Guide