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Friday, January 31, 2014

Personal Safety Posters Using Pic Collage

So, how did we actually do the posters?  Here is an (almost) step by step procedure:

App Exploration:
The teacher asked students to introduce themselves using Comic Life.  This is for the students to explore the app.

Before the actual creation of the comic, videos were viewed on Bike, Bus and Pedestrian Safety. Students then brainstormed on the different ways on how to be safe.  

An exemplar and success criteria is formulated with the class during this time. 

Students wrote (typed) on a Word document pushed through (free cloud storage service) to write their draft.

Teacher and peers sat down to revise the draft.  

Photoshoot and Creation of comic:
Based on their documents, students were given time to take pictures on the iPads.  Photos were uploaded using a cloud service.  When pictures were available online, students then created their comic on Comic Life.

Students reread, rechecked their work for sense, spelling, punctuation and capital letters by pairing with a partner.


Students forwarded their work to the teacher by directly printing them.  These were exhibited in the classroom.

Have fun in your adventure!

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