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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Positive Ways to Handle Conflict

We saw how cartoons can be violent and talked about how we can handle conflict better.  Here are a few ways your classes said about handling problems non violently:


(Conflict is when two or more people disagree on something and are not getting along.)

Walk Away  - walk away from the person who you are about to start a fight with

Get Help - Ask an adult for help with how to solve your disagreement

Take Turns - someone has a turn to do something first and then the other gets a chance

Share - you can do the playing together; if you have something give it to the other person first

Apologizing - say sorry and you can also say "I did not mean to do it."

Talk About It - Settle down, calm down and then talk about your conflict

Distract or Postponing - try to make the person think of something else or do something else

Use Chance - use a coin, do rock, paper, scissors or sticks that way everybody gets the same possible chance of getting their turn


Now that we know how to handle conflicts and disagreements better, let's make a simple animated video using POWTOONS.  Go to:

You may join by using the group code given to your class by Mr. Shih.

If you have logged in and part of the class, you can regularly log in at:


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