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Sunday, April 20, 2014

STEP 7: Customizing Your Blog's Design

  1. Go to Your DASHBOARD and click on TEMPLATE.


2. Explore the ready made templates by clicking on their thumbnails. You will see a preview applied to your blog.  DYNAMIC templates may load longer though on older computers or mobile devices so consider how you want your blogspot to show on the internet. 

You can also see how your blog will look like on a MOBILE device on the thumbnail next to  LIVE ON BLOG.


3. You can customize the look at this point by clicking CUSTOMIZE of you can do that later.  If you like how it looks, click APPLY TO BLOG.


Upon CUSTOMIZING, you can put your own BACKGROUND, ADJUST COLUMN WIDTHS, revise LAYOUT and change fonts and colours in the ADVANCED option.  


Don't forget to click APPLY TO BLOG.

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