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Thursday, April 17, 2014

NFB Stop Motion

The National Film Board of Canada ( has a second version to its popular PixStop app.  Called NFB StopMo Studio ( and no longer free like Pixstop, for $0.99 it packs cool features that are easy to use  even for very young students.  To start, there are 4 audio / soundtracks that can be used.  There is now no need to take pictures and then transfer them to computers to edit.  Pictures can be shot and then edited directly on the iPad.

Prior to creating their movies, the students explored the NFB app by making Lego figures move.

As I only have classes for a short period (40 mins.) in a day, their Grade 3 teachers (Ms. Schock and Ms. Rusnov - without these two wonderful teachers it would take us ages!) did the heavy lifting of preparing the classes for the actual shoot.

In their respective homeroom classes, they took up a poem (The Bouncing Ball), did storyboards and then proceed to shooting their stop motion vid in Media Literacy.  Human figures and the bouncing ball were created with pipe cleaners, backgrounds and other structures with paper and markers.

Here are pictures of the Grade 3s:

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