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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Simple Ebooks!

In September, we produced our ebooks with Book Creator using the iPads. We never got to publish them online until now. If you have an ebook (epub) reader (tablet or computer), you can download the books directly from here:

 Ms. Yee's class

Ms. Bojeczko's class

If not, you will need the Google Chrome browser for this and you can download it HERE. Here are instructions on how to open these on your PC / Mac:

One of the ways to view books online is to use Google Chrome + Readium

1. Install Google Chrome
First you need to install Google Chrome on your PC or Mac –
2. Install the Readium app                                                                 Readium is an app for Google Chrome that can display ePub files including those made by Book Creator.
Open Google Chrome and visit the Google app store to install Readium.
3. Add your books to Readium                                                               Once installed, open Readium and click on the add book icon to upload your ePub file from your computer or the web.
Opening a book in Readium
- from Red Jumper Studios
If you learn by watching videos, here's how to open the books with Readium on Google Chrome (applies to PC and Mac):

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