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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Canada Food Guide Radio ads

...and we finished our radio ads!

The original plan was to use GarageBand on the iPad. Unfortunately, we were time bound and we decided to finish off on GarageBand with the Mac.

Students created the scripts.  The groups dictated to me what they wanted to say for their ads. They got to practice reading their scripts through Google Drive.  Students also had to think of where the ad was happening (eg, home, grocery, etc.)  I laid down the tracks, effects and music. Students got to practice reading their scripts when they explored GarageBand on the iPad.  Students were assessed on their voice projection, their knowledge of the food guide and how it can be conveyed to their target audience.  I did the editing, laid down the music and the sound effects based on their input.

We will soon be playing the radio ads during our morning announcements!

Here are our final products on Sound Cloud:

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