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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Conflict Resolution Script

Hey, Grade 3's! I am sooo excited that we are now writing our script for our conflict resolution Powtoon!  With the help of Ms. Schock and Ms. Rusnov, you will be writing about this:

Conflict is when two or more people disagree on something and are not getting along.
Choose one of the situations below and think of a way to solve the conflict in a non violent way. Remember to choose from the “Positive Ways to Handle Conflict” list that we talked about.

1.) It is recess and grade 5 students go to where you made a snow fort. A lot of them come and they tell you and your friends to go away. You think you should not go as you made the fort.  What do you do?

2.) Your class starts to line up for Media Literacy class happening at the library.  One of your classmates say you are butting in the line.  You think you were there first.  What do you do?

3.) You are with your friend at home on a playdate.  You have a Wii and you want to play Mario Cart.   At the same time, your friend wants to play Just Dance.  You only a short time to play before your friend goes home.  What do you do?

4.) You are playing on the Adventure Playground and somebody pushes you and you get hurt.  When you tell the student about it, the student says there was no pushing.  What do you do?

5.) While you were at lunch, one of your classmates, Jamila, sits beside you.  Jamila usually sits at another spot.  Today, there was no other seat available. One of your friends come late and insists that the seat beside you is his.  He begins to ask Jamila to get out of his regular seat. Jamila says she will not move. They start to have an argument.  What do you do?



(Conflict is when two or more people disagree on something and are not getting along.)

Walk Away  - walk away from the person who you are about to start a fight with

Get Help - Ask an adult for help with how to solve your disagreement

Take Turns - someone has a turn to do something first and then the other gets a chance

Share - you can do the playing together; if you have something give it to the other person first

Apologizing - say sorry and you can also say "I did not mean to do it."

Talk About It - Settle down, calm down and then talk about your conflict

Distract or Postponing - try to make the person think of something else or do something else

Use Chance - use a coin, do rock, paper, scissors or sticks that way everybody gets the same possible chance of getting their turn


You will use the situation and solution you chose to come up with a simple animated video using Powtoon.  Your Powtoon should have at least 6 frames showing the problem and how you chose to solve it using the solutions we talked about.

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