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Monday, February 17, 2014

Cereal Box Template

Here is a cereal box template which you can use with Microsoft Word to put in your text, drawings and graphics.

Here is the Success Criteria we made together:
(download clickable pdf)
FRONT has:
___ original cereal name
___ original company name
___ slogas (catchy phrase)

SIDE has:
___ ingredients
___ nutrition Facts
___ barcode

BACK has:
___ games or activity or information about a famous person
___ prizes or toy
___ website

___ has to have neat writing
___ colouring is solid, no scribbling, is inside the lines 
___ use at least one colour to show feelings 
(red: strong, yellow:happy, blue: relaxed, orange: hungry)
___ drawing has outline

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